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Fashion Herre Kostume Kostumer - Master Chef & Maine Hummer Kostume Outlet

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Fashion Herre Kostume Kostumer - Master Chef & Maine Hummer Kostume Outlet

Consider the Lobster... and the mom!
It's tough being a chef, and it's tough being a Mom, too. It's just tough all around, mostly because there's never enough time in the day. So, you've got to keep an eye out for the finer things in life and grab the time to enjoy them when you can. Sure, the old saying says to, Stop and smell the roses, but we think you should stop... and wear a funny costume, instead.
There's a couple different ways we could address this costume. Yes, it's hilarious. The gag is that you, the adult, are a chef (possibly a famous one) and you're getting ready to cook a meal (possibly in a famous restaurant) and your baby is the lobster that you're going to cook. Obviously, you're not really going to cook the kid, but it's quite funny when these two little opposites are put together. Get the Instagram ready! The other way to look at this costume is that it's quite handy, too. First, you get two costumes in one, and when you're a mom saving time and money is of the essence. Second, it's also very handy in that you can keep your child right in front of you at all times, while keeping your hands free. We call this a win-win.
The costumes themselves look very nice, with the chef being your standard chef look with a puffy hat on top. The lobster costume is bright red and orange with friendly eyes on the headpiece. It's plush and comfy as well, so your little gourmand will remain happy all night long. Don't hesitate to enjoy this costume as much as you care to wear it. Bon appétit!