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Designer Dame Kostumer - Rebel Mermaid Costume Sale

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  • Model: Halloween Dk 1992
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Designer Dame Kostumer - Rebel Mermaid Costume Sale

Some mermaid types just sit around, whining about how their father won’t let them do anything. They desperately want to be part of the above-water world so they can find their prince and swoon in his arms. Nuts to that! If you’re going to be a mermaid you should be the kind of kick-butt mythical being that eats sharks for breakfast and doesn’t care what some dumb old prince thinks. You should be a mermaid rebel!
As a mermaid rebel, you don’t have to stay cooped up in your secret hideaway, singing songs about escaping from the sea. Instead, you get to use your outside the box thinking and style sense to rule the ocean. You get to carry around a trident, since a rebel mermaid doesn’t need her father to protect her. If you want to find your prince, you’ll seize him off his ship and bring him to YOUR world. Of course, if you plan on assuming this role, then you’re going to need a matching outfit.
This women’s Rebel Mermaid costume comes from Leg Avenue, one of the top brands in women’s costumes. It has a powerful and sexy style that will truly make you feel like a commanding force of the seas. The leggings are a form-fit that have a scale patterns printed on the exterior and the top has a faux corset with purple accents. Just make sure to grab your trident and you’ll be ready to command the water to your will in no time.